Thanks for the memorable day

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Sunday was my convocation day. I'm so appreciate for the memorable moment. Thus, I would like to express my thanksfulness to some of the person who helping me throughout these years to make this moment successful.

Thanks to my parents, sending me so far away to Johor for my higher level education, accompanying me going along so far to get my degree award. Dad, you drive so long journey, you are great. Mum, I know it's suffer to take bus for 8 hours.

Thanks to my siblings, brother, the first time u give me a present. Thanks for the convo pooh. Sister, you are always so supporting me, loving n so charming.

Thanks to my dear, you are the best. Helping me que for 7 hour to get the robe, help me do this, help me do that. Cook the jelly for me. Thanks for the big head maro, flower and card. I know this take your time and sweats.

Thanks to MCG friends for the loving convo bear and Veronica for the flower. Thanks to CHouse junior for the photo frame, direct junior, KokWei for the flower as well. Thanks Yuen for the souvenir, although I still havent get it.

Thanks to LPIA members for the ergo mouse pad and the congratulation card. Also thanks KokFatt for the gift. Never forget those who smsed me too..

Thanks all and keep in touch, god bless :)


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